The Ramparts

Experience a wilderness adventure like no other.

Tonquin Valley, Jasper National park - 5 Days - 8th-12th September 2019

$2950 USD + GST (Canadian Residents)

We'll take you deep into the Canadian Rockies by either horseback or on foot where you'll be greeted by some of the most awe-inspiring scenery in the world. We'll spend four nights at the rustic but comfortable Tonquin Valley Lodge where all of our daily needs will be catered to. All you have to do is bring a camera and take lots of photographs.

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Important! Please note, In the event of a cancellation there is no refund. Photography Booking Policy, please read.

The Ramparts, Reflection in Amethyst Lake

Tonquin Valley lies in Jasper National Park,  just east of British Columbia on the continental divide. 23km from the nearest road this workshop offers a taste of a true  Canadian wilderness experience, away from traffic, away from the hubbub of everyday city life and off the beaten track.

The main attraction for this tour is the world famous Rampart Mountains that rise above the pristine Amethyst Lake. Each morning and evening we'll explore the shores of Amethyst lake and beyond photographing this amazing valley. If we're really lucky we may also get the chance to photograph some of the wildlife that frequent the valley including woodland caribou, moose, mountain goat and bear. We'll have time to talk photography, from compositional skills to processing techniques and of course, there will be plenty of opportunities to relax and soak in our surroundings.

Colourful autumn lakeside sedges

A brief Itinerary

Sept 7th, 2019 - Late afternoon we meet in Jasper. Get acquainted, group meal and spend the night there.

 Sept 8th, 2019 - After breakfast, we make our way to the trailhead, the starting point of our trek into Tonquin Valley.

 Sept 8th - 12th, 2019 - Each day we'll plan to shoot at sunrise and sunset with options to shoot and/or explore throughout the rest of the day. We'll also have opportunities to talk about subjects such as composition, light, colour theory and anything else to do with photography.

Sept 12th, 2019 - After breakfast, we trek our way back to the trailhead and beyond, back to Jasper. Group meal and spend the night in town.

What’s Included:

  • Transportation into Tonquin Valley (horses)

  • Four night accommodation at lodge

  • All meals during your stay

  • Photography instruction by Adam Gibbs

What’s not Included:

  • Transportation to Jasper

  • Accommodation before and after the workshop

  • Medical and travel insurance

  • National Park fees

More Information….

Where is Tonquin Valley Lodge?

Tonquin Valley is located in Jasper National Park, Alberta, Canada. The nearest town is Jasper, Alberta. The valley itself can be reached from either the Portal Creek trailhead approximately 10km from town or the Astoria Valley trailhead starting from near Mt. Edith Cavell. The 20km ride in will take approximately 6hrs. Guests that are not keen on riding a horse have the option to hike in and have their gear carried by pack horse. Please note that horses have a carrying capacity limit of 200lb. If you would like to learn more about Tonquin Valley Lodge please follow the link Tonquin Valley Lodge

What is the Accommodation Like?

Due to the remote location of the lodge, accommodation for this workshop is rustic. Shared cabins will be based on either gender, couples, or as a group. We will try our best to accommodate specific needs but please keep in mind that options are limited.  The toilets and shower house are all communal.

What is the weather like in September?

The weather in the Canadian Rockies is unpredictable at best. Thunder storms are not uncommon. Rain, snow or hot dry conditions are all possible in the mountains at this time of year, sometimes in the same day!

Is this tour suitable for non-photographers?

Absolutely, Tonquin Valley is a marvellous area and there is lots to see and explore for non-photographers. Please be aware though that if you do hang out with us the focus of this trip is photography. A boat is available for any guests that want to go for a paddle. Hiking in the valley is second to none and is highly encouraged.

Should I be concerned about bear encounters?

Short answer is no. Bear and other wildlife do frequent Tonquin Valley but tend to stay clear of most human activity. Bear encounters do happen but nine times out of ten the bear will move on. If you are worried about coming nose to nose with a bear your best approach is to travel in a group and make some noise while hiking the trails. We do not recommend bells as they can be annoying to other clients and lessen the chance of viewing ANY wildlife. Bear spray is sold  in Jasper. If you do purchase bear spray make sure that you know how to use it. Also keep in mind that bear spray cannot be transported on a plane.

How hard will the hiking be?

There are lots of great photo opportunities for all fitness levels and many great shooting locations are not far from the lodge. Typically the distances will be under 7 km for each day. We will evaluate the groups energy level when we all meet on day one. Ideally some level of fitness would be a great asset.

What camera gear should I bring?

The following are some recommendations. Generally we will be focusing primarily on landscape photography but may encounter some wildlife shooting opportunities. Ideally, since we will be hiking throughout the day and carrying our own gear, equipment should be kept to a minimum. Here is a list of what we typically carry in the field. A more detailed "what to bring" list will be sent to you prior to the workshop. If you do shoot wildlife and own or use a very large lens you are welcome to bring it. Keep in mind though that the maximum recommend pack weight for the horses is 25lb.


Camera Equipment:


  • Lightweight tripod w/ballhead

  • Camera backpack

  • DSLR camera body

  • 14-24mm lens

  • 24-120mm lens

  • 70-200mm lens

  • Various ND filters/polarizers/holders for all lenses

  • 2 extra batteries

  • Lens pen/lens cloth

  • lens shade


Other items that should make your day more comfortable in the mountains. Either worn or put in your pack for the day.


  • Good hiking boots or shoes

  • Long pants

  • Brimmed hat

  • Gloves

  • Warm jacket

  • Rain jacket

  • Snack bars/lunch/something to drink

  • Headlamp/flashlight

  • Toilet paper

  • Sunglasses


Optional items:


  • Extra camera body

  • Smartwool/long underwear

  • Extra socks

  • Hiking poles

  • Rain pants

  • Sunscreen

  • Wooley hat

  • Instep crampons